Bachelor of Arts


The college provides Bachelor Degree programme in Arts in accordance with Dibrugarh University curriculum.

Duration – 3 Years, Semester – 6

Semester Classification:

1st, 3rd & 5th semesters: Odd semesters: July, 01 to December, 31
2nd, 4th& 6th semesters: Even semesters: January, 01 to June , 30

Structure of Courses of the Programmes:

The B.A. Programme shall have the following components.Structure of Courses of the Programmes: The B.A. Programme shall have the following components.

  • Compulsory Courses are common to all students of the programme.
  • Major Courses shall be chosen by the students. Major Course shall be optional or non mandatory.
  • Non-Major Course shall be chosen by the students who do not opt for major courses.
  • A skill based course shall be mandatory for all students of pursuing general B.A. programme.

Subject mentioned below shall be offered in the Six Semester Degree Programme.

  • Compulsory subjects: i) English ii) Modern Indian Language (MIL) Assamese or Alternative English. iii) Computer skills/Communication Skills, iv) Multi-disciplinary, v) Environmental Studies, vi) Skill based courses (for general programme only)
  • Major Courses: Students may opt for major in any one of the following subjects. Candidates will be selected in order of merit for each major subject separately. Departments may conduct written test/interview for the selection of students.
    Major Subjects: 1. Assamese, 2. English, 3. Economics, 4. Education 5. Political Science, 6. Sociology, 7. Geography and 8. History
  • Elective Subjects: Students has to choose any elective subject from the following
    1. Education 2. Economics 3. Sociology, 4. Political science 5. Geography, 6. History 7. Mathematics and 8. Statistics

N.B: Students has to take English & MIL or Alt. English as compulsory & any elective subjects from the list. Environmental Science, Computer Skill/Communication Skill and Multidisciplinary are compulsory in Semester III and Semester IV respectively for both Major and Non-Major Students. In Semester V and VI the non-major students have to take any one of the following skill-based subject.
1. Tourism 2. Creative Writing 3. Teaching in Elementary Level 4. Entrepreneurship Development 5. Retail Management 6. Desktop Publishing(DTP) 7. Photoshop and Web Design.