Bachelor of Arts


The college provides Bachelor Degree programme in Arts in accordance with Dibrugarh University curriculum.

Duration – 3 Years, Semester – 6

Semester Classification:

1st, 3rd & 5th semesters: Odd semesters: July, 01 to December, 31
2nd, 4th& 6th semesters: Even semesters: January, 01 to June , 30

Structure of Courses of the Programmes:

The B.A. Programme shall have the following components.Structure of Courses of the Programmes: The B.A. Programme shall have the following components.

  • Compulsory Courses are common to all students of the programme.
  • Major Courses shall be chosen by the students. Major Course shall be optional or non mandatory.
  • Non-Major Course shall be chosen by the students who do not opt for major courses.
  • A skill based course shall be mandatory for all students of pursuing general B.A. programme.

Subject mentioned below shall be offered in the Six Semester Degree Programme.

  • Compulsory subjects: i) English ii) Modern Indian Language (MIL) Assamese or Alternative English. iii) Computer skills/Communication Skills, iv) Multi-disciplinary, v) Environmental Studies, vi) Skill based courses (for general programme only)
  • Major Courses: Students may opt for major in any one of the following subjects. Candidates will be selected in order of merit for each major subject separately. Departments may conduct written test/interview for the selection of students.
    Major Subjects: 1. Assamese, 2. English, 3. Economics, 4. Education 5. Political Science, 6. Sociology, 7. Geography and 8. History
  • Elective Subjects: Students has to choose any elective subject from the following
    1. Education 2. Economics 3. Sociology, 4. Political science 5. Geography, 6. History 7. Mathematics and 8. Statistics

N.B: Students has to take English & MIL or Alt. English as compulsory & any elective subjects from the list. Environmental Science, Computer Skill/Communication Skill and Multidisciplinary are compulsory in Semester III and Semester IV respectively for both Major and Non-Major Students. In Semester V and VI the non-major students have to take any one of the following skill-based subject.
1. Tourism 2. Creative Writing 3. Teaching in Elementary Level 4. Entrepreneurship Development 5. Retail Management 6. Desktop Publishing(DTP) 7. Photoshop and Web Design.

Programme Outcomes, Programme Specific Outcomes and Course Outcomes: