About Us


Nazira College is one of the leading premier Higher Educational institution in Assam. The College is located at Sub-division of Nazira, District Sivasagar, Assam, 19 km from Sivasagar Town, and 3 km from Simaluguri Jn. and 78 km from Jorhat air port. The Nazira College, affiliated to Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, was established on 16th December 1981 with a view to promoting Higher Education at Nazira and its surrounding areas. The College came under the deficit- grants in-aid system of Govt. of Assam in 1996 and under provincialization act 2005.  The college has left no stone unturned to provide quality education to students since its establishment.

The College has the capacity to enroll 1000 students in Undergraduate Programme and 150 students in Higher Secondary Programme. Skill based courses like BCA, BMC under KKHSOU, Assam;  Junior Software Developer (NSQF Level 4 ) under NSHM Udaaan Skill Pvt. Ltd ; PG courses in Economics, Assamese, Education, Sociology and Political Science under Directorate of Distance Education, Dibrugarh University and Political science, Education and Assamese under KKHSOU are introduced in the college.

The college has completed 35 years of its commendable existence on 16th Dec., 2016. The college has attained a pride of place amongst the higher education institutions in upper Assam. The NAAC Academic Audit Team visited the college on 13th May. 2017 and the MHRD, Govt. of India has ranked the college among top 200 colleges of India in National Institutional Ranking Framework 2017.

Our endeavor is to take higher education out of traditional contours and make it more job and value-oriented, accessible to all segments of society, ensuring equity and increasing the rate of employability by establishing academia –industry linkage in line with the market demand.


The college endeavours to be a premier institution, aiming at providing guidance to the students in the areas of the study habits. The college provides a platform for students as well as teachers for realizing the potentiality that is latent within them through academic excellence, cultural activities and extension activities to taste the beauty of life, to overcome new challange, to understand their skills in tune with Greek philospher, Socrates’ statement “Know Yourself”


To fulfill the vision, students are sensitized to their roles and responsibility towards society as well as themselves through self discipline, developing creativity and good academic performance.

Both of the undergraduate programme and higher secondary programme promote the knowledge of the students in academic excellence, motivate the students towards human values like honesty of service, integrity of character, fruitfulness, tolerance of other faiths, liberal outlook that awareness a new consciousness and a sense of self-introspection among them.

The college inculcate responsibility through extension activities like NSS, NCC, Scout & Guide and Academic inputs, Co-curricular and extra -curricular activities, social awareness programmes to enable students to perform well in the examination, games and sports and community oriented extension activities etc.

Teachers are encouraged to participate in Refresher course, Orientation Course, Seminars and Workshops for faculty development . The college organizes seminars, special talks, career guidance and counselling sessions and workshops for the academic enrichment.

The office staff and other stake holders also participate in extension activities of the college such as social awareness programme, cultural activities, ceremonial function on establishment day, college week, traditional functions etc.

The college has introduced skill based Bachelor of Vocation (B. Voc.) Degree Programme to align higher education with the emerging needs of the economy so as to ensure that the graduates of higher education system have adequate knowledge and skills for employment and entrepreneurship. The study center of KKHSOU at the college takes a major role in developing study habits among disadvantaged but eagerous learners to educate and enlighten them.

The chair of the Principal has been adorned by the following persons since 1981

  • Late Misbaul Islam : 1981 – 1982
  • Shri Awani Borthakur : 1982 – 1994
  • Syed Mubidul Islam : 1994 – 30.05.2012
  • Mrs. Ranju Buragohain (i/c) : 1.6.12 – 30.11.12
  • Dr. Raju Phukan : 1.12.12 – Current Principal

College Initiatives

  • The college organize a Inter Colleges Quiz competition every year.
  • The College initiative with “Ankuran Sangeet Vidyalay” to provide education on Dance & Musician on Saturday and Sunday in the college campus.
  • The College initiates the programme “Maitree Ek Gyan Yatra”. The faculty member of college takes classes in different subjects as per their requirement under this programme.
  • The Nazira College has signed in MOU with Gargaon College for faculty Exchange programme.
  • The College initiates a children developement programme “Alok Sandhani Moina Parijat” from the year 2006 as a community service

Governing Body

  • Mr. Purna Baruah - President, Nazira College
  • Dr. Raju Phukan - Principal, Nazira College, Secretary
  • Mrs. Jina Borbora - Vice-Principal, Nazira College
  • Mr. Dipak Sarma - Guardian Member
  • Protiva Gogoi- Guardian Member
  • Dhubajyoti Mahanta- Guardian Member
  • Dr.Saumar Jyoti Mahanta, Principal, Sibsagar Commerce College, University Nominee
  • Sri Kartik Dutta, Retd. Principal, Sibsagar Commerce College,  University Nominee
  • Mr Jiten Phukan, Associate Prof., Deptt. of Maths. Nazira College ,  Teacher Representative
  • Mr.Gojendra Sarma, Associate Prof., Deptt. of Geography,  Nazira College – Teacher Representative